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 メゾン マンキチ 

[営業時間] 9:00〜17:00
[休業日]  土・日・祝日、夏冬季・GW休業期間あり 

[H P]  https://www.maisonmankiti.jp/


Carrying on the pioneering spirit of my grandfather and exploring my roots to incorporate fundamental thought with intuitive inspiration

東北の片田舎に育ち、27歳の時に、亡き祖父が靴職人であったことを知る。 その時既に、靴の修理屋で働きながら、靴木型を学び、靴づくりに勤しむ中、 デザイン(設計)に興味をもっていた。 その後、靴学校を経て老舗エレガントレディースメーカーで人生を変える師と出会う 設計の難解さと緻密さ、そして超感覚的な発想との遭遇に時を忘れる。 その中で最初に靴づくりを始めたときに抱いた、自分のブランドをもち表現していくことを決意する 2017年東京を拠点とするファッションブランドを設立。

ONODERA, raised in the country far from the world of fashion, discovers at age 27 that his deceased grandfather was a shoemaker. At that time, he was already working at a shoe repair shop while studying wooden shoe models and developing an interest in designing shoe patterns. After graduating from shoe design school, he meets a mentor at a long-established ladies’ shoe manufacturer who will change his life. He loses himself in the intricacies and precision of design, and the discovery of super sensory ideas. Through this, he returns to his original dream of expression through his own brand. In 2017, he establishes a fashion brand based in Tokyo.